The Patronato de Acción Social (PAS) and the solidarity projects we support

The priests and their tireless work also need volunteers to collaborate in multiple tasks. Here are some details.
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Work of the priests

The mission of the priest is centered on the whole of humanity becoming Eucharist, thanksgiving and praise, worship of God and charity towards the neighbor, but beyond their spiritual work, they are a source of human, cultural and social development wherever they perform their pastoral work.

In this space, CARF gives visibility to the foundation's volunteer work and to the solidarity projects that promote priests all over the world. The stories of his life can be followed through the web section of the pastoral tours.
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What is the Patronato de Acción Social?

The Patronato de Acción Social (PAS) aims to complement the activity of the CARF Foundation, in service to the Church and priests, through various volunteer projects, and it does so:
  • Provision of vestments and liturgical objects to newly ordained priests and churches with scarce resources.
  • Medical and health assistance for priests or seminarians displaced from their countries of origin, and care and assistance for elderly priests who lack companionship.
  • Material support for various tasks in parishes in needy countries, enabling priests to dedicate their time fully to their pastoral mission.
  • Contribution to the installation and maintenance of temples, outbuildings or parish medical dispensaries in distressed areas.
  • Support for worship in parishes in very needy areas.
  • Provision of books of doctrinal content for libraries and development cooperation actions.
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Solidarity projects available:

What projects do we support?

We support by giving visibility to projects located around the world that have a proven social impact. We act as a bridge between the projects carried out in the parishes or dioceses of priests who return to their country after training in Rome or Pamplona.

The projects must have a proven social impact, and can be related to soup kitchens, dispensaries, hospitals, parochial schools, seminaries, etc.

Why do we give visibility to these solidarity projects?

Knowledge of the work of the Church

To bring the interested parties closer to the experience of Christian charity and the work of the Church in countries lacking resources. To sensitize young people to solidarity projects through explicit activities.

Approach to the figure of the priest

We convey the importance of the work of priests throughout the world, as a pole of spiritual, human, cultural and social development.

Explicit participation

We facilitate the support of solidarity projects through prayer, diffusion or financial aid, so that these actions are the fruit of personal sacrifice to contribute to the work of these priests.

CARF and priests

We work so that, when the young men in formation return to their dioceses as priests, they can transmit all the light, science and doctrine received. We try to inspire the hearts of our benefactors and friends, so that every day there will be more of us building a more just society.

Do you want the youth of your school to support a project? We help you...

1. Awareness actions

Conveying to students the value of solidarity towards people with fewer economic, social and cultural resources.

2. Solidarity initiatives

Encouraging different activities to raise money, which awaken the initiative and imagination of the students.

3. Social doctrine

By participating, we promote an education strengthened by the value of cooperation, solidarity and interculturality.

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