Donations in kind

Donations through the contribution of goods from people who no longer use them in their daily lives.
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What do in-kind donations to the CARF Foundation consist of?

Donations in kind are those in which instead of contributing a sum of money or an inheritance or testamentary legacy, the donor or benefactor makes a contribution of contribution of material goods of a certain value. 

In most situations these are assets that are valuable and that the donor already understands that they will not use or do not need on a day-to-day basis for whatever reason. 

Therefore, the donor considers that they will be of greater use if they are contributed to support a noble cause such as that of the CARF Foundation; and decides to donate them to support the integral formation of vocations priests and religious. 

After an initial evaluation of the goods by the CARF Foundation to see if an objective benefit can be obtained from the in-kind donation, they are collected from the benefactor's home, and these goods will subsequently receive a professional appraisal of a Monte de Piedad. 

Once they have been auctioned by a reputable auction house, the proceeds will be used to support vocations for priests and religious, tax deductible in the tax declaration made by the benefactor of the CARF Foundation.

What can I donate in kind?

Examples of in-kind donations received.
works of art

How should I proceed with a donation in kind?

The CARF Foundation guarantees a secure and professional procedure for the treatment of your in-kind donations and donated goods.
1. We withdraw your donation
A specially designated person will come to your home to pick up the donation in kind of the property you have decided to donate.
2. The best appraisal
A recognized institution such as CaixaBank's Monte de Piedad will provide an official appraisal of the in-kind donation.
3. Public auction of the property
One of Spain's leading auction houses will handle the responsible sale of the donor's in-kind donation to the CARF Foundation.
4. Destination of funds
All funds raised will be used for one of the founding purposes of the CARF Foundation: to help finance study grants for priests and religious.

What are the funds from in-kind donations used for?

The proceeds from the sale of goods will be used for a transcendent investment. It will contribute to the integral formation of diocesan priests and seminarians and religious men and women throughout the world. Christians and non-Christians, with our personal efforts, will be able to secure the means for formation in the service of others.

Can I obtain tax benefits with my in-kind donation

Your donation in kind enjoys tax incentives. The objective of the Patronage Law is to encourage private efforts in activities of general interest in a direct and effective way, and therefore establishes incentives for donors. As soon as the value of the good is clear (its value in the accounting or according to Patrimony), we will issue the corresponding certificate that will allow you to obtain the same benefits.
From here you can access the document that analyzes the Tax Regime for the donations, donations in kind and contributions made to foundations to which Royal Decree-Law 17/2020 of May 5 published in the Official State Gazette of May 6, 2020 is applicable, which includes an amendment to Article 19 of Law 49/2002.
Tax benefits for individuals (Personal Income Tax)
First 250 €
Deduction of the 80 %
Deduction of the 40 %
Recurring donations
Deduction of the 45 %
The base of this deduction may not exceed 10% of the taxable income for the tax period.
Tax benefits for companies (IS)
Donations in general
Deduction of the 40 %
Recurring donations
Deduction of the 50 %
The base of this deduction may not exceed 15% of the taxable income for the tax period.


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