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Find answers to some of the most common questions: answers to questions about how to help priests with donations, bequests and solidarity wills and other questions.
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Question 1: How much does it cost per year to train a seminarian or priest?

Tuition and fees: 3.500 €
Food and lodging: 11.000 €
Training supplement: 3.500 €
Total: €18,000

Learn more about the formation of priests. 

Question 2 : Where to make donations to help seminarians and priests without resources?

  • BBVA
  • ES73 - 0182 - 2329 - 9900 - 1300 - 8167. BIC/SWIFT Code: BBVAESMM
  • CaixaBank
  • ES39 - 2100 - 1433 - 8602 - 0017 - 4788. BIC/SWIFT Code: BARCESMM
  • Sabadell
  • ES96 - 0081 - 0569 - 8600 - 0160 - 7861. BIC/SWIFT Code: BSABESBB
  • Bankinter
  • ES46 - 0128 - 5758 - 9401 - 0000 - 1892. BIC/SWIFT Code: BKBKESMM
  • Santander
  • ES73 - 0049 - 5103 - 7121 - 1654 - 1171. BIC/SWIFT Code: BSCHESMM
  • From any device on our online donations.

Question 3: What are the tax benefits of my donation to support seminarians and diocesan priests?

The first 250 € of your tax-deductible donation, will have a deduction in the Income Tax Return of 80 %. That is to say, by donating 20.84 €/month, or 250 €/year, the Treasury will refund you 200 € in the Income Tax Return, as stated in the BOE.
By 50 per year you can help fund seminarians and diocesan and religious priests to continue their formation, so that no vocation is lost. More information on incentives and deductions from the Patronage Law.

Question 4: What information do I need to include to validly name the CARF Foundation in my will or joint and several bequest?

The identifying data necessary to include the CARF Foundation in the will are as follows: CENTRO ACADÉMICO ROMANO FUNDACIÓN. CIF: G79059218. Calle Conde de Peñalver, 45. Entreplanta Oficina1, 28006 Madrid.

There are different ways to have the CARF Foundation present in your will, depending on your circumstances: You can name the CARF Foundation as follows universal heirYou will be delivered all your assets, rights and shares.
If you want to leave your assets to more than one person or institution, you can nominate the CARF Foundation. co-heir assigned to each of the parties, indicating in the will the percentage you want each one to inherit. 

You can leave the CARF Foundation a legacythat is to say, something concrete. It can be a certain amount of money, a percentage of the total value of the estate, a real estate property or other assets such as works of art, antiques, jewelry, etc.

Question 5: What to do if I think I have a vocation to the priesthood?

First of all, please know that we at the CARF Foundation will pray for you, since one of our founding purposes is to pray for priestly vocations to which we include vocations, in general, and also to the religious state, so that we may all know how to serve well the Church throughout the world.
Seek good spiritual direction from your parish priest, as he will know how to help you in vocational discernment. The bishop of your diocese will also know how to 

Question 6: Can I help with a donation in kind for the formation of seminarians and diocesan priests or religious men and women?

Donations in kind are those in which instead of contributing a sum of money or an inheritance or testamentary legacy, the donor or benefactor makes a contribution of material goods of a certain value.

In most situations these are assets that are valuable and that the donor already understands that they will not use or do not need on a day-to-day basis for whatever reason.
Therefore, the donor considers that they will be of greater use if they are given to support a noble cause such as the CARF Foundation, and decides to donate them to support the integral formation of priestly and religious vocations.

Question 7: Which universities does the CARF Foundation help to train seminarians and diocesan priests and religious men and women from all over the world?

Donations in cash, in kind, bequests and solidarity wills enable the CARF Foundation to help priests and religious from all over the world, at the request of their bishops or the generals of each order, to be trained in the Faculties of Studies. 
Ecclesiastics of the University of Navarre, UNAV (Pamplona, 
Spain) and in the University Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, PUSC (Rome, Italy). 

Question 8: Does the CARF Foundation help by giving money directly to people who want to become seminarians and diocesan priests or religious men and women?

Donations in cash, in kind, bequests and joint and several wills are never given to specific individuals or in private current accounts. 

Both academic institutions in Pamplona (UNAV) and Rome (PUSC) are requesting the CARF Foundation to help priests and religious from all over the world who do not have the resources to be able to study. 
Of course, the bishops or the generals of each religious order of the possible candidates will have had to request their support beforehand.

Question 9: Does the CARF Foundation organize pilgrimages or trips to meet seminarians and diocesan priests or religious men and women?

Yes, every year we travel in October to Rome, from Tuesday to Sunday, to see the Pope, to stroll and enjoy the Eternal City and, above all, for benefactors and friends to learn about the work we do with seminarians and diocesan priests and religious men and women from all over the world who are there improving their formation.

The CARF Foundation always uses a religious travel and pilgrimage agency that is an expert in the coordination and management of all the operations of the event: flights, transfers, accommodation, visits, meals, guides, etc.  
Every year, we also make an intensive, one-day trip on the last Friday of May, to know in Pamplona the work of the university and the Bidasoa Seminary. 

An exciting day of living together with the seminarians who tell us about their lives, we pray, we eat with them, we celebrate the graduation of some of them, and we are delivery the Sacred Vessel Backpack.

In March, if the conditions are right, we will travel to Holy Land.