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What is a joint and several will?

The solidarity will of the CARF Foundation is a very special and personal way of helping the Church to form diocesan priests, seminarians and religious from countries with scarce resources, contributing to their support and studies for their integral formation.

This involves including a charitable cause in your will, either by designating one or more non-profit institutions or NGOs as heirs to all your assets or by leaving a portion with a specific bequest.

When you decide to convert your will in a will of solidarity, which includes the CARF Foundation, you are permanently supporting our commitment to continue forming future generations of priests.

Thanks to your testament of solidarity, your generosity keeps alive the effort to achieve a better world for Christians and non-believers alike, for the priest is no respecter of persons or creeds when it comes to helping another human being in any part of the world. Your life and legacy will be perpetual.

How is a joint and several will made?

Inform yourself and reflect

Think about what you would like to give up. Any contribution will have an impact in the lives of the people we help and who, in turn, help hundreds of thousands in their countries of origin. If you need more information or to resolve any questions, we offer you free legal advice and with full confidentiality.
Go to the notary
In order to draw up a joint and several will, you will have to make an appointment with the notary. It is the best way to to ensure that your will will be faithfully fulfilled in the future. Don't forget correctly include the CARF Foundation's data and, above all, remember to save a copy.
Let us know
If you have decided to include the CARF Foundation in your will, please let us know so that we can carry out your wishes. In addition, we recommend that you tell someone you trust so that, when the time comes for your departure to Heaven, you may communicate it to us.

The identification data necessary to include the CARF Foundation in the will or solidarity bequest are:

CIF: G-79059218
Conde de Peñalver, 45. Mezzanine, Office 1
28006 Madrid

What can I leave as an inheritance?

Example of joint and several wills and legacies received.
financial assets
A specific amount of money from checking accounts, securities, funds, bonds, stocks...
total or partial inheritance
A percentage of your total estate or designate the CARF Foundation as your sole heir.
real estate
Houses, apartments, apartments, land, garages, buildings...
movable goods
Works of art, automobiles, jewelry and other valuables.

Frequently asked questions and other doubts about joint and several wills

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A tax-exempt donation
Tax treatment
In the liquidation of a joint and several will, non-profit entities are exempt from the Inheritance and Gift Tax and therefore joint and several wills or bequests are tax exempt for the beneficiary.

All the value of what you wish to donate will be destined to its work objective: to train diocesan and religious priests and seminarians to help the Church around the world. Therefore, the portion allocated by you to the CARF Foundation is tax exempt.. Thus, the totality of the bequest will be entirely dedicated to the purposes of the Foundation.
What are the funds used for?
The proceeds from the sale of its assets will be used for a significant investment. This will contribute to the integral formation of priests and seminarians from all over the world. It commits us to think that behind every priestly vocation, there is another call from the Lord to each one of us Christians, asking for a personal effort to ensure the means for formation.
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Donations in kind
Collaborate with a donation in the form of a contribution of goods to support ecclesiastical support.