Pilgrimages with the CARF Foundation

We take care of every detail in our pilgrimages, which are unforgettable experiences for benefactors, friends and collaborators.
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Pilgrimages and religious trips

The CARF Foundation organizes, in collaboration with travel agencies and specialists in religious tourism, pilgrimages to the main sites of Christianity.

Every year the CARF Foundation schedules different meetings in holy places, with an important response from benefactors and friends who share these unique and unforgettable experiences, being a different way to get closer to the Lord.
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pilgrimages to the holy land

Holy Land, the trip of a lifetime

Nazareth and Jerusalem, 8 days all inclusive.
Full board, 4 star hotel.
October 2024

Live Rome with all your soul

Rome with accommodation near the Vatican.
4 star hotel. Breakfast, 4 lunches and 1 dinner included.

Pilgrimage with CARF

Because of its transcendence and social and cultural repercussions, pilgrimage is an anthropological phenomenon present in all civilizations throughout history.

The great pilgrimages of Christianity are linked to Jerusalem, as the center of a vast territory known as the Holy Land, with many places of interest linked to the origin of Christianity and the life of Jesus. Rome, which has attracted many pilgrims because it is the seat of the bishop, the Pope, and because of the abundance of holy places, including those containing relics brought from the Holy Land by St. Helena. These pilgrimages are repeated by the CARF Foundation every year:
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In the month of March, with great weather, is the first of the religious trips organized by the CARF Foundation.
The pilgrimage takes place in two groups of 50 people each, departing on two different days in March. They are led by the best guides in the Holy Land, the Franciscans, custodians of the Holy Places by the will and mandate of the Pope for eight centuries. The week-long program includes visits to Nazareth, the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan River, the Judean desert, Bethany, Bethlehem, Saxum, as well as the many places in Jerusalem where Jesus was present.

The month of October brings the CARF pilgrimages to an end. For six days, and staying in a charming residence in the Vatican, the pilgrims develop a plan that begins with the public audience with the Pope; continue with visits to outstanding places in Rome including those where relics of Christianity are found as the tomb of St. Peter; and ends knowing the places where priests from around the world are trained, such as the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross or the seminary Sedes Sapientiae. All this without neglecting the gastronomy with a dinner on a terrace of the mythical Piazza Navona or walks through the eternal city.

Other pilgrimages available

Following the same organizational model, destinations are sought and alternated to complement the two fixed annual pilgrimages to the Holy Land and Rome. Occasionally, Marian routes or routes linked to the life of St. John Paul II.

In order to increase the bonds between the scholarship priests and seminarians and the benefactors, in destinations such as Pamplona or Rome, visits to the centers where they live and study are included, to share with them and their formators an experience of closeness. These days of encounter are especially enriching, since they not only allow us to put faces to the students coming from more than 130 countries, but also fill our hearts with their faith, hope and joy.

Pilgrimage testimonials

Words from pilgrims who have already gone through this experience:
"I leave excited and excited about all that the CARF Foundation does to support the global and universal Church. I am speechless.
Antonio and Pepa
Pilgrims in Rome
"I have felt that the Gospels can not only be read but also lived. I take many, many things from what I have lived".
Pilgrim in the Holy Land