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22 June, 20

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Francisco's broom

The pope's trip to Chile and Peru from January 15-22, 2018, was his 22nd international trip.

Let us remember his words

In Chile, a hurricane; in Peru, a sea of people. Two neighboring countries that show the two faces of Latin America: one ideologized and the other calmer and more welcoming. Each with its own challenges.

In Chile, the star topic was sexual abuse, for which Francis called for sorry.

In Peru, the corruption political corruption that reaches high spheres. Corruption, in any case, external and internal.

With the Peruvian bishops, Pope Francis had said that from St. Martin de Porres, the mulatto saint, he would keep the broom with which he swept his convent.

Latin American politics

Francis admitted that "the whole of Latin America is suffering from a decline in the policy". "Politics is very sick", he stressed, while inviting "not to neglect this world of politics". Above all, "if we fall into the hands of people who only live for corruption, we are toast".

But "the denunciation is not the only weapon, but also persuasion," explained the daddy with audacity. With the same audacity with which it has fallen to him to clean up within the Churchbe called Karadima or Figari.

There were also hopeful messages, such as the vocation of young people.

The return to the natural and the supernatural, which we have inscribed in our own being. "I didn't really understand why they were so insistent" the local bishops. "Eight years later came Laudato Sí and I began to understand what the ecological world was, the reserves that are falling apart, the importance of the people...," Francis said, "...who are being subjugated."

Therefore, corruption, oppression and pollution come together in Latin America as well.

And (whatever they say) Francisco has pulled out the broom in Chile, Peru and the whole world.

Mr. Pablo Blanco Sarto
Doctor of Theology

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