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26 June, 20


The dignity of human beings and their fundamental rights

The greatest achievement in the history of humanity has been the relatively recent, almost worldwide recognition of the dignity of human beings, simply by virtue of the fact that they are human beings.


The necessary consequence of this recognition is the affirmation of the equality of all men and women.

Equality which implies that, regardless of all the diversities that may occur in people (of which there are many), there is something that makes us equal.

That something is that each of the beings humans we are unique but, at the same time, endowed with a personal value that is the same for everyone.


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We can illustrate this in a graphic way by imagining that, if we were to put people on a scale that gauges their value, the dignity of any person compared to any other person, whoever he or she may be, would weigh the same.

Love your neighbor

It is clear that this truth is recognized, for the first time in the world, with the Christianity.

Jesus Christ introduced, in a definitive way, in the life of mankind a new way of living, which consists in "...".love to one's neighbor as to oneself".

That is to say, since we are equal, our neighbor deserves the same as I deserve. And why? Simply by the fact of being a man or a woman.

Throughout history, it has taken a long time for this recognition to be achieved, quite universally.

Fundamental rights

There have been many, many centuries in which humanity has been subjected to the ambitions of men and women who considered their dignity superior to that of others. But the truth is the truth and all of them, without exception, were abandoned to the abandonment of their own dignity. ambitionsThey died as all others die and it was evident that their dignity was the same as that of any other.

After the experiences around the world that, under the guise of pretensions of equality, tyrannical regimes of the communismfascism, etc...., only succeeded in exchanging one tyrant for another.In the last few years, a certain universal recognition of the dignity of man, with his fundamental rights, was achieved.

A great achievement, as I said at the beginning, of all humanity. The men and women in power today should be careful, because the dignity of the human being, with all his rights inherent, it is not their property; it is the heritage of humanity.

Don Juan José Corazón Corazón
Doctor of Canon Law
Doctor in Law

Published in Religión Confidencial


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