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12 May, 24

may, month of the virgin mary

May is the month of the Virgin Mary: learn why

We have the month of May to dedicate it especially to Our Mother, the Virgin Mary. But why is May the month of the Virgin? If the Church is celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus, why is Mary also honored in this month?

The Church grants this month to Mary to know and love her more. In Europe, May is the month of flowers, of spring. This is an ideal month to be outdoors, surrounded by the beauty of nature. Precisely because of this, everything around us should remind us of our Creator, we dedicate this month to the Blessed Virgin Mary, a delicate soul who offered her life to the care and service of Jesus Christ, our Redeemer.

"In a spontaneous, natural way, there arises in us the desire to treat the Mother of God, who is also our Mother. To treat her as one treats a living person: because death has not triumphed over her, but she is in body and soul with God the Father, with her Son, with the Holy Spirit. To understand the role that Mary plays in the Christian life, to feel attracted to her, to seek her kindly company with filial affection, no great disquisitions are necessary, although the mystery of the divine Maternity has a richness of content on which we can never reflect enough".
It is Christ who passes, 142

Mary, sign of God's love. why is may the month of the virgin?

This Christian custom has been in force for two centuries and coincides with the beginning of spring and the end of winter. The "triumph of life" symbolized by spring is one of the reasons why May is the month of the Virgin, Mother of Life, of Jesus. This beauty of nature also speaks to us of Mary, of her inner beauty and virtue.

In ancient Greece, the month of May was dedicated to Artemis, the goddess of fertility. In ancient Rome, May was dedicated to Flora, the goddess of vegetation. At that time they celebrated the ludi florals or floral games at the end of April and asked for her intercession.

Later, in medieval times, similar customs abounded, all centered on the arrival of good weather and the departure of winter. May 1st was considered the peak of spring.

Before the 12th century, the feast of "The Thirty Days' Devotion to Mary" or Tricesimum, which took place between the second half of August and the first 14 days of September, was celebrated.

The idea of the month of May, month of Mary dates back to the baroque time or XVII century. It included thirty daily spiritual exercises in honor of the Mother of God. This custom spread especially during the 19th century and is practiced until today, making this celebration count with special devotions organized every day during the whole month.

Celebrate this month of May is more than a Christian tradition, it is a tribute and a thanksgiving to the one who is our Mother.. Many and varied details can be offered. Among the most common are the family prayerThe prayer of the Rosary, the floral offerings and the meditation of its dogmas.

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May, the month of the Blessed Virgin Mary: The Founder of Opus Dei explains how our love for Our Lady can be.

Devotion to the Virgin Mary in the month of May

The ways in which Mary is honored in May are as varied as the people and customs of those who honor her. It is common for parishes to have a daily recitation of the Holy Rosary in May and many erect a special altar with a statue or image of Mary.

In addition, it is a long tradition to crown her statue, a custom known as the Coronation of May. Often, the crown is made of beautiful flowers that represent Mary's beauty and virtue and is also a reminder to the faithful to strive to imitate her virtues. This coronation is in some areas a great celebration and usually takes place outside of Mass.

The altars and coronations during this month are not only privileges of the parish. At home, one can also participate fully in the life of the Church. We should give a special place to Mary not because it is a tradition or because of the special graces that can be obtained, but because Mary is our Mother, the mother of the whole world and because she cares for all of us, interceding even in the smallest matters.

How does a son behave towards his mother?

"How does a normal son or daughter behave with his or her mother? In a thousand ways, but always with affection and trust. With an affection that will run in each case through determined channels, born of life itself, which are never something cold, but endearing customs of home, small daily details, that the son needs to have with his mother and that the mother misses if the son ever forgets them: a kiss or a caress when leaving or returning home, a small gift, a few expressive words."

"In our relations with Our Heavenly Mother there are also those norms of filial piety, which are the channel of our habitual behavior with her. Many Christians make their own the ancient custom of scapularor have acquired the habit of greeting - words are not necessary, the thought is enough. the images of Mary that are in every Christian home or that adorn the streets of so many cities; or they live that marvelous prayer that is the holy rosary, in which the soul never tires of saying the same things over and over again.They are accustomed to dedicate one day of the week to Our Lady - precisely the day on which we are gathered here today: Saturday - offering her some small delicacy and meditating more especially on her maternity". St. Josemaría. It is Christ who passes by, 142.

may, month of the virgin mary

Manifesting love for Mary

"There are many other Marian devotions which need not be recalled here. They need not all be incorporated into the life of every Christian - to grow in supernatural life is something very different from merely piling up devotions - but I must affirm at the same time that he who does not live some of them, who does not manifest in some way his love for Mary, does not possess the fullness of faith.

"Those who consider devotions to the Blessed Virgin to be outdated, give signs that they have lost the deep Christian meaning they contain, that they have forgotten the source from which they are born: faith in the saving will of God the Father, love for God the Son who really became man and was born of a woman, trust in God the Holy Spirit who sanctifies us with his grace. It is God who has given us Mary, and we do not have the right to reject her, but we must go to her with the love and joy of children. St. Josemaría. It is Christ who passes, 142

-Do you want to love Our Lady? -Well, treat her! How? - By praying Our Lady's Rosary well.
St. Josemaría.

To take advantage of the month of May

The Blessed Virgin Mary always takes care of us and helps us in everything we need. She helps us to overcome temptation and to preserve the state of grace and friendship with God in order to reach Heaven. Mary is the Mother of the Church.

Mary was a woman of deep prayer life, she always lived close to God. She was a simple woman; generous, she forgot herself to give herself to others; she had great charity, she loved and helped everyone equally; she was helpful, she attended to Joseph and Jesus with love; she lived with joy; she was patient with her family; she knew how to accept God's will in her life. All these virtues are an example of life for us Christians, we want to live as his worthy children, that is why we follow his example.

What is the custom this month?

To remember Our Lady's apparitions. There are many and they are all very special. The Virgin Mary delivers her message directly, all of them are related to the love she has for all of us, her children.

Reflect on the main virtues of the Virgin Mary.

  • Her immaculate conception: the Virgin Mary was born without original sin because she was to be the mother of Christ.
  • How she lived her divine maternity: Mary is the mother of Jesus Christ, on earth. How she was a day in the life of the Virgin?
  • Her perpetual virginity: Mary conceived by the Holy Spirit.
  • The Assumption of the Virgin She, at the end of her life, was taken up body and soul to Heaven.

To live a real and true devotion to Mary. To look at Mary as a mother. Talk to her about everything that happens to us: the good and the bad. To know how to turn to her at all times. Meditate the 7 sorrows of the VirginThe Virgin Mary was united to Jesus in a particular way in those moments of her life that allowed her to share the depth of her Son's sorrow and the love of his sacrifice.

Imitate their virtues: This is the best way to show her our love. Show her our affection: Do what she expects from us and remember her throughout the day.

To have full confidence in it: Because it is the Virgin Mary who intercedes before Jesus for our difficulties. All the graces that Jesus gives us pass through Mary's hands.

Various Marian prayers

Treating Mary is a good way to get closer to her Son. Realize family prayerespecially the prayers dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Christians have beautiful prayers dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and there are also many songs to honor her, which help us to remember the immense love of our mother for us, her children.

  • Praying with the heart, alone or in company, the Holy Rosary. Meditating on the mysteries that go through many of Mary's important moments:
    Joyful Mysteries: Mondays and Saturdays
    Sorrowful Mysteries: Tuesdays and Fridays
    Luminous Mysteries: Thursday
    Glorious Mysteries: Sundays and Wednesdays

Praying the Angelus (which is customary to pray at noon),the Regina Coeli or the Consecration to Mary. Among other prayers. You can also dedicate a Ninth to the Virgin to ask her for a special favor or to thank her.



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