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17 March, 23

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New expert diplomas from the School of Theology of the University of Navarra

In these expert diplomas offered by the Faculty of Theology of the University of Navarra, along with specific subjects of moral and spiritual theology, subjects of a more psychological profile are addressed, always seeking their application to the concrete situations in which many people find themselves; circumstances that end up having an impact on the moral and spiritual life of people.

The subjects of these diplomas are not designed as a mere study of psychology or exclusively technical knowledge. Since they are taught in a Faculty of Theology, the approach is necessarily multidisciplinary, focusing on their theological, spiritual and pastoral dimension.

Why Psychology and Spiritual Life Studies?

Many trainers in Church-related centers detect a gap in basic psychological knowledge, which prevents them from adequately caring for the people entrusted to their care.

The complexity of culture and society in the 21st century greatly influences the formation of young people's personalities and the way they face life and problems at all ages.

The dedication to formative tasks and spiritual accompaniment requires specific and profound knowledge of psychological normality and its variants, as well as of possible disorders.

Everyone is aware of the significant increase in psychic symptomatology in current times, particularly in relation to anxiety, addictions, depression and professional stress.

For all these reasons, it seems necessary to offer an in-depth training in psychology and related subjects, as a complement to the training of teachers, spiritual guides or people with managerial tasks or sensitive areas in both secular and religious educational entities.

What are the objectives of these expert diplomas?

  • To provide people with sufficient knowledge in psychology and related sciences to welcome, understand and accompany people of all ages and conditions in their moral and spiritual life.
  • To provide theoretical and practical tools to know the normal modes of personal maturity, its variants and possible crises; as well as the useful strategies to face them. This will enable to make a first diagnosis of possible alterations or variants of normality.
  • To help prevent, recognize and assist in conflictive or risky situations that hinder the development of personal identity, interpersonal relationships and spiritual life.

Offering of Expert diplomas

Dates of the expert diplomas

The Diplomas are taken on-site at the Pamplona campus of the University of Navarra. They have their own degree from the University of Navarra.

  • Diploma in Psychology and Moral Life. From September 4 to October 10, 2023. Monday to Friday.
  • Diploma in Spiritual Accompaniment and Conflict Resolution. From October 26 to December 7, 2023. Monday to Friday.


For more information: José María Pardo Sáenz: [email protected]

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