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24 January, 22


Children cancelled

We will learn about the "Canceled" initiative where they give voice to the issue of abortion and the prohibition of praying in front of abortion clinics.

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Children cancelled

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Abortion and abortion clinics

What will we talk about at this meeting? Abortion

Speakers at the meeting

On January 18, 260 billboards in 33 cities in Spain dawned with the message in favor of praying in abortion clinics, with a warning: they might "be cancelled by the imminent reform of the Abortion Law." and that provides for up to one year in jail for anyone who peacefully prays in front of abortion clinics.

This is the first action of a campaign that aims to "defend the most vulnerable". according to its manifesto, and which follows the conclusions of the XXIII Catholics and Public Life Congress held last November on Political Correctness and Endangered Freedoms.

In Spain there are about 100,000 surgical abortions each year and there is "the crime of those who pray in front of abortion clinics.

Jesus Poveda - CARF Reflection Meeting - Silenced Children - Abortion - Aborted Children Canceled

The culture of cancellation

Jesús Poveda will give voice to these Niños Cancelados, because of political correctness, the culture of cancellation and repression of freedoms. He will tell us about his defense of life for decades. That has led him to be arrested more than 20 times.

The psychiatrist and professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid says that he had just been arrested at the Dator clinic when one of the policemen asked him why he was dedicated to the defense of life. "It is a matter of conscience," he replied.

Poveda's pro-life activism began at La Paz Hospital, in Madrid, during a gynecology rotation. Meanwhile, in the Congress of Deputies, "the right to life was being discussed, and from that moment I decided to give a voice to those who have no voice.

After decades in the pro-life cause, he does not hesitate to affirm that when faced with a critical situation such as a mother considering abortion, the solution is precisely "to offer solutions": "You don't have to reproach her, but open a completely different window to abortion, which opens when you ask her: 'What do you need in order not to have an abortion?

In the world there are more and more cancelled people: teachers, historians, journalists, writers, doctors, parents... Our mission is to give a voice to all those people who have been cancelled for saying common sense things and making this world a more livable place.


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