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How to overcome grief through faith?

Have you recently suffered a loss? We help you overcome the loss of a loved one from the pillars that gives you the Christian faith.

Grief: The experience of overcoming a loss

Although human beings live in the sentiment We are always unprepared for grief as one of life's most common experiences, and it continually requires us to learn and adapt to new circumstances. Grief does not refer only to death. Grief is an emotion or various emotions that human beings experience when they experience a loss of any kind.

There are no "experts" in the pain of a loss; it always has a dimension of originality: in the way it manifests itself, in its causes, and in the various reactions it triggers. There are many times when we find ourselves suffering deeply for reasons and reasons we never expected.

The Holy Father John Paul IIIn his letter, he writes: "Human suffering arouses compassion; it also arouses respect, and in its own way, it is frightening. Indeed, in it is contained the greatness of a specific mystery [...] man, in his suffering, is an intangible mystery."

This human experience moves us to seek the help and to offer, at the same time, our support. The experience of overcoming griefteaches us to pay more attention to others who suffer. The experience of pain makes the difference between a mature person, who is capable of facing obstacles and difficult situations, and a person who is carried away and absorbed by his or her own emotions and sensations.

Christian faith as a support to overcome grief

The Faith is the best refuge for those who have to go through the process of overcoming the grief of a loss of any kind and particularity. The Faith gives us the strength, calm and serenity necessary to lighten the pain of grief.

Overcoming a loss with serenity

"The resurrection of Jesus not only gives the certainty of life beyond death, but also illuminates the very mystery of the death of each one of us. If we live united to Jesus, faithful to Him, we will be able to face even the passage of death with hope and serenity." (Pope Francis, General Audience November 27, 2013).

Overcoming loss with hope

The death will come inexorably. Therefore, what a hollow vanity to center one's existence in this life! Look how so many suffer. Some, because it ends, find it painful to leave it; others, because it lasts, find it boring... There is no room, in any case, for the erroneous sense of justifying our passage on earth as an end.
We must leave this logic behind and anchor ourselves in the other: in the eternal logic. A total change is needed: an emptying of oneself, of self-centered motives, which are outdated, in order to be reborn in Christ, who is eternal. (Furrow, 879)

Overcoming a loss without fear of death

Do not be afraid of death. -Accept it, from now on, generously..., when God wills...., as God wills..., wherever God wills. -Do not doubt it: it will come at the time, in the place and in the way that is most convenient..., sent by your Father-God. -Welcome to our sister death! (Road, 739).

Overcoming a loss with an eye to Heaven

Supernatural vision! Calm! Peace! Look at things, people and events..., with eyes of eternity.
So, any wall that blocks your way - even if, humanly speaking, it is imposing - as soon as you really raise your eyes to the Skyhow little it is, (Forge, 996).

Pain and love

By choosing the Incarnation, Jesus Christ wanted to experience as much suffering as humanly possible in order to teach us that the love can overcome any kind of grief. You can overcome grief by looking at the life of Jesus and following his life. footprint.

Grief is a meeting point between the joy of hope and the the need for prayer. Christians accept pain in the hope of future joy. They are fully aware of their limits and rely on the help implored from God in prayer.

Suffering is only a part of the way, a passing place; it is never the final station. Thus, the prayer becomes an important moment where suffering finds its meaning and, with God's grace, becomes joy.

The prayer is support fundamental in the process of coming to terms with and overcoming a loss. The purifying effect of prayer becomes a reality because, each time man prays, he experiences the God's mercy and share their concerns and problems.

However, there are moments in this journey in which the experience of pain forges a man's life. It is no longer a question of acceptance or rejection of pain, but of learning to consider suffering as part of our own existence and as part of our life. God's plan for each of us.

When the pain of loss sets in

Grieving the loss of a loved one is natural and inevitable. However, overcoming it is not easy, and sometimes, for various reasons, there are those who remain stuck in this pain. For this reason, there are many Catholic Foundations that offer support, organize groups of accompaniment to return to life after the death of a loved one and overcome their loss.

Overcoming grief "at peace with God".

In order to cope with the pain of grief, one must be aware of the importance of the spiritual accompaniment in those difficult moments. There is no one-size-fits-all prescription; its particularities make each case unique and particular.

They say that "pain comes from the body and suffering from the soul", but it is necessary to help the companions to be serene and "at peace with God", since, in this way, "this serenity is transmitted". Something that, later on, will make mourning easier in some way.

When talking about people in the process of overcoming grief, priests emphasize one word: hope. Hope helps them to reposition themselves in spiritual terms, to find their place again, also in religious practice, which perhaps they have abandoned. They must be made to see that God did not send them the pain they are experiencing, but that he loves them.

For this reason, Pope Francis encourages, "do not cease to speak to Our Lord and to His Mother, Our Lady. Blessed Virgin. She always helps us."



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