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Pray for peace throughout the world

The CARF Foundation encourages its friends, collaborators and benefactors to join Pope Francis' prayer for those affected by the wars in Ukraine and around the world.
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For peace and all those who suffer

Christians cannot remain on the sidelines of peace, and of any situation as heartbreaking for so many people as war is. From the CARF Foundation, we join the appeal of Pope Francis to pray for peace in Ukraine and around the world. We must not forget the countless wars in other parts of the world. Pray for peace, for peace throughout the world.

Pope Francis prays for peace in Ukraine

"O Lord, You who sees in secret and rewards us beyond all our expectations.

Hear the prayers of all those who trust in you, especially of the most humble, of the most tried, of those who suffer and flee under the roar of arms.

Restore peace to our hearts, and give back your peace to our days. Amen.

Appeal for peace around the world

"Prayer is the true revolution that changes the world."
The Pope invites all Christians to pray in silence for peace in Ukraine and throughout our world. Francis entrusts to the intercession of the Virgin Mary, and to the conscience of political leaders, every effort for peace.
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"The most significant help that can come from abroad is public demonstrations, prayer and financial aid, where possible. Humanitarian aid is also being collected in many countries. To you, friends of Spain and Latin America, I sincerely ask you to pray for an end to the violence in Central Europe forever. Together we will stop the enemy of the world. No to war in Ukraine! No to war!".
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Ihor, 25 years old.
Student from Ukraine at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross. Scholarship 2022.
"I spent a long time living and studying in Kiev, although I am from another region, and I can say that this city has become my home. There are very friendly and hospitable people. I have many acquaintances and friends from there. So now, in these times of war, I call them very often and write to them to know if everything is all right. I am very worried about their safety and life. The Russian army is now killing civilians and, as you are hearing, is trying to break into our big cities and overthrow the democratic government, putting their collaborators in their place."
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Bohdan Luhovyi, 26 years old.
Student from Ukraine at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross. Scholarship 2022.