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Name: Deogracious Ewange.
Age: 27 years old.
Situation: Seminarian.
Origin: Soroti, Uganda.
Studies: Theology in the Ecclesiastical Faculties of the University of Navarra.

"Good morning. Today I will talk about myself with my family. My name is Deogracious Ewange, I am from Uganda, from the Diocese of Soroti, I am twenty-six years old. My father's name is Robert and he is a catechist. My mother's name is Maria, she is a housewife, she loves farming.

We are six siblings. I am the only boy among five girls. In our family, the oldest sister is Susan, she is 39 years old. The second sister is Ann, she is 34 years old. The third sister is Philomena, she is a nun. The fourth sister is Lucia, she is 29 years old. I am the fifth brother. The last sister is Elisabeth, she is 24 years old, she is studying law at the University of Gulu in Uganda.

We are a happy family and we are a religious (practicing) family. I consider myself fortunate to have been raised by two loving parents along with my loving and caring sisters. I am grateful for the gift of my parents and our family in general for the countless sacrifices they have made for my well being, in my daily spiritual life I am always assured of their prayers for me.

Aside from that, I am also blessed with the unconditional love and uplifting support of my parents and my sisters. Last but not least, it has always felt so happy to live under one roof with a great cook and a good Samaritan, my mother; my father, on the other hand, works hard for the welfare of the family.

Finally, I thank all the donors for supporting us. I am very happy to be here. Thank you very much.