With God's help, we will continue to grow to increase the number of those called to His Kingdom.

Name:  Dani Alexander Guerrero Payano.
Age: 26 years old.
Situation: Seminarian.
Origin: Higuey, Dominican Republic.
Study: Theology in the Ecclesiastical Faculties of the University of Navarra.

"Hello, I am seminarian Dani Alexander Guerrero Payano, I am 25 years old, I am the third of five siblings, my parents' names are Altagracia Payano and Daniel Guerrero.

I was born in La Romana, province of the Dominican Republic and from the age of four I lived in Higuey until I entered the major seminary. I did my primary studies in the basic school of Villa Hotencia and Eusebio Cedano School, then I attended high school at the Liceo Geraldo Jansen.

When I was 17 years old, I began my studies in Education with a major in Mathematics and Physics and, at the age of 22, I graduated from the same. After a year of teaching at Morada de Sabiduría Christian College, I decided to enter the seminary, where I spent one year in the minor seminary and two years in the major seminary.

I was then chosen to continue my training at CEI Bidasoa in Spain, where I am currently. I enjoy playing sports, having good relationships with my companions and being at the service of others. I am very happy to be called by God to be a priest. My diocese is called Our Lady of Altagracia, located in the east of the country, composed of the provinces: La Altagracia, La Romana and El Seibo. My parish is called Santa Ana located in the province of Altagracia in the municipality of Higuey, my parish priest is Father Sergio Cordero.

I am very grateful for the treatment I have been given in my diocese and with God's help we will continue to grow to increase the number of those called to His Kingdom".