Our diocese does not have its own school of philosophy.

Name: Carlo Emmanuel dy Cabristante.
Age: 24 years old.
Situation: Seminarian.
Origin: Imus, Philippines.
Study: Theology in the Ecclesiastical Faculties of the University of Navarra.

"I am Carlo Emmanuel Dy. I am from the Philippines. I am twenty-three years old. I was born in Makati City in Manila. My parents are married. I have a sister and a brother, there are three of us. I am the oldest among them.

This year is my seventh year as a seminarian. I am in the shaping stage of formation. My father works overseas as a ship maintenance officer. He was a cruiser. My mother is a housewife. She takes care of my siblings. We have a simple life in my country. I used to be an altar boy when I was a child. I love to serve the church for the sacraments. I used to accompany my parish priest every time he celebrated Mass. I entered the seminary in 2016. I graduated last year with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy majoring in Classical Philosophy from St. Charles Seminary, Makati City. This is my first time to study abroad. It is a great opportunity for our diocese and for our local church. Our diocese does not have its own college of philosophy. So, from Cavite, we used to travel every day to St. Charles Seminary. It takes two hours of travel every day. It is always the vision of our bishop to establish a college in our diocese. That is why we are sent here. We are two from our diocese who were sent here in Spain. We are the first to be sent.

I thank the benefactors, especially CARF, for supporting the needs of each seminarian in terms of their studies and welfare. Thank you God for your good heart. All of you are always in our constant prayers."