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7 October, 20


Carf joins the "First Site of Jericho Worldwide" Prayer.

The Marter Fatima movement, led by Fr. Hector Sanz Cerrada, has called on Catholics and people of good will to join the prayer: "First World Jericho Site" in defense of life, the family and the Church to be held from October 7-13, 2020. CARF has joined this initiative.

What is a Site of Jericho?

It is a prayer based on Joshua 6, 1-20, of spiritual battle, of intense supplication to God through the Blessed VirginIt is a prayer of petition for one's own, community or general intentions, and is therefore a prayer of intercession.

With the Siege of Jericho, the baptismal promises are renewed and the person humbly prostrates in adoration to the Blessed Sacrament to make reparation, to beg God to break down the spiritual and physical walls caused by evil and sin. For this reason, it is convenient to be in a state of grace or to make a perfect act of contrition until the person can go to confession.

Prayer in parishes or at home

The Siege of Jericho can be prayed in a parish or at home. In a group or individually

Praying in a parish:

It is exposed to the Blessed Sacrament, which can last 24 hours for 7 days, or for a few hours.

Praying from home:

You can pray before a transmission of exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, before a Crucifix and Blessed Candle or you can pray by joining one of the transmissions that Mater Fatima will make. In the social networks @MaterFatima the schedule of the transmissions will be announced.

What is prayed?

Mater Fatima has prepared the prayer manual for the Siege of Jericho which includes the Holy Rosary, prayers of protection, renunciation, reparation and thanksgiving.

The general intentions prepared by Marter Fatima are:

  • For the Church, the Pope, priests and ministers
  • For family and life
  • For peace and freedom
  • For the conversion of sinners and reparation for our sins
  • For the end of the pandemic

In the original Siege of Jericho, the people went around the city. For this reason, Mater Fatima advises (although it is optional) to make a procession around the intentions, simulating the Siege indicated by God to the people of Israel.


Who is Fr. Héctor Ramírez Sanz Closed

Father Héctor Sanz Cerrada is a diocesan priest, currently incardinated in the Diocese of Getafe, Spain. The bishop has allowed him to spend some time on mission and has traveled to 23 countries promoting the Blessed Mother's Fatima prayer.

He served as coordinator of the preparation for the Great Diocesan Mission in Getafe.

He was director of a program in Radio Cope (Toledo), collaborator in Radio Maria and Dinamy's Radio; as well as Chaplain of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima, (Portugal).

He currently serves as director and founder of Mater Fatima for the world, to call for union in prayer to pray for the conversion of poor sinners, peace, family and life, and priests; following the message of Our Lady of the Rosary at Fatima.

Knowing the message of Fatima

"Mater Fatima is an apostolic initiative that wants to help the universal Church and the different Catholic charisms. Many of the dramas that shake the world today are due to the fact that the message of Fatima is neither known nor put into practice. The world knows the apparitions, but not the message", explains Father Hector to CARF.

In the first worldwide rosary he convened in 2019, about 80 countries joined and he hopes that in the prayer of the Siege of Jericho they will surpass the first convocation.


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