CARF writing contest for children and youth

2021-2022 EDITION
At the Foundation we want to highlight the important figure of priests, so we are launching a new edition of our writing contest.

What is a priest to you?

"What is a priest for you?" is an essay contest whose objective is to highlight the figure of the priest by highlighting his virtues, both those desirable as a man and those specific to his priestly function.

Contest rules

This contest is aimed at students from 12 to 17 years of age from Spanish schools, who submit their essays in the indicated periods (each term) during the year 2022. Teachers will also participate and will compete on the basis of the quality of their students' work.
The presentation will be online through the web site only materials in text format are valid.

Important note: jobs can count on family assistance.
Editorial staff
The text should be written freely on the subject of the priesthood and the tone of the text should be positive and with the freedom of style chosen by the author.
Delivery time
The deadline for the second call will be March 31, 2022 at 23:59.
The jury will be composed of two CARF professionals and the religion teacher responsible for the participating students. The jury will grade the essays. CARF will choose the winners and the contest will not be declared void.

The competition may be subdivided into smaller groups, such as a single school.

What topics can you write about?

You can write about any topic related to the priesthoodYou can write about a specific priest you have known or about the institution of the priesthood in general. You can also write about specific virtues of the priesthood. You can tell us stories and anecdotes you know.

If you still have problems getting started, you can contact us at the email address below:
[email protected]

How or with what can you get inspired?

A good source of inspiration are the many saints who were priests: the Holy Curé of Ars, St. John Paul II, Saint Josemaría Escriváetc. Read their biographies and you are sure to find inspiration for your writing.

Remember that your essay should answer the question: What is a priest for you?

Don't know how to start?

If you feel like participating but can't think of how to begin your essay, we suggest that you start by talking to a priest (family member, in your parish, at your school, etc.). You can ask them about their vocation or because of the difficulties they have had in remaining faithful to their vocation.

You can also approach it from your personal experience: the example of a priest; the service he has given to you or to a family member. You can read our website What is a priest? and reflect, etc.

Why write about priests?

It is important to recover the figure of the priest as an exemplary man who has received a concrete call from God to serve Him with the totality of his life and who has been entrusted with the greatest Mission entrusted to man: to administer the Sacraments and serve as a bridge between God and mankind.
A work that is not seen...
The priest on many occasions performs a hidden, silent and silenced work of love and service to God and to mankind, carrying out an essential task without which Christian society could not be understood.

If you sign up you can win important prizes:

Two tablets for the two top-rated newsrooms in the group each quarter. Each winner will be awarded a Samsung Galaxy tablet.

Lot of books of your choiceFor those students who reach the final with a high score, but do not win the final, they will receive a gift voucher for TROA/NEBLI bookstores.
Two trips to Rome for duly registered parents or guardians. For every 100 young participants, CARF will raffle two individual trips to its annual pilgrimage to Rome in October 2022.
2 Trips to the Holy LandFor teachers who bring their students to the contest, they will be entered into a drawing for two individual tickets to CARF's annual pilgrimage to the Holy Land to visit the land of Our Lord. Each teacher will have a "raffle ticket" for each student's essay approved by the jury.

For groups of more than 40 participantsThere will be a closed contest only for students of the school, who will receive a surprise prize for their participation.

You must take into account:

Short, positive and without spelling mistakes.
Remember that your writing should not contain spelling mistakes. You can ask an older person to proofread your text and help you with this. You can also use a spell checker.
The essay should be between 200 and 500 words in length, thus demonstrating your ability to summarize. To be accepted in the contest and be eligible for prizes, it must be written in a respectful and positive way towards priests and the priesthood in general.
Follow here the results of the writing contest 2019-2020 edition and get more information.
Contest results

If you are a religion teacher or a school principal

Would you like more information about this writing contest?

Make your inquiry at [email protected] or WhatsApp +34638078511.