Europe's spiritual crisis

What did we talk about in this meeting?

Joseph Weiler: "We see the consequences of a society full of rights but without personal responsibility".

Joseph Weiler, Ratzinger Theology Prize 2022, was the speaker at the Omnes Forum on "The Spiritual Crisis of Europe", in an overflowing Aula where he shared key points and reflections on current European thought.

Women in the Church. Work, commitment and influence

What did we talk about in this meeting?

"Being Catholic 24/7 is a challenge."

The Omnes-Carf meeting on Women in the Church. Work, commitment and influence counted on the testimony of two women committed in heterogeneous fields who shared their projects and work in favor of other women and the importance of their faith in this commitment.

Pilgrimages to the Holy Land after the pandemic

What did we talk about in this meeting?


Joaquín Paniello: "The Road to Emmaus shows God's love".

Reconstructing the conversation of Jesus with the two pilgrims to Emmaus, tracing his words in the Acts of the Apostles, the Gospels and the Old Testament, could summarize the book Why do you walk sadly? It was written by Joaquín Paniello, a priest living in Jerusalem, and presented at an Omnes Forum on the Holy Land, which was also attended by Piedad Aguilera, from the Pilgrimages Unit of Viajes El Corte Inglés.

Naprotechnology: the ethical solution to infertility

What will we talk about at this meeting?

In this CARF reflection meeting we will talk about reproductive health, infertility and naprotechnology with Álvaro Ortega, director of the Fertilitas clinic and president of the +Vida Foundation.

The average number of offspring per woman in Spain will be 1.18 children in 2020. For more than 15 years, this figure has been decreasing, making fertility increasingly a general health problem.

In the United States, a group of gynecologists teamed up to create a new reproductive health technique called Naprotechnology - Natural Procreative Technology.

This new approach, seeks to find the medical cause of infertilityThe patients are then assigned to a specific treatment. That is to say, naprotechnology treats infertility as a cause and not as a problem in itself.

Naprotechnology: the ethical solution to infertility - Reflection Meeting CARF

Religious persecution and the right to asylum

What will we talk about at this meeting?

Professor Pérez-Madrid will present the current reality of 70 million forcibly displaced persons in the world, of whom only 3.5 million are seeking asylum. The number of persecuted Christians exceeds 300 million.

Professor Francisca Pérez-Madrid, states that it is necessary to make an in-depth reflection on the legal concept of vulnerability.

For the expert, the comparison of the Guidelines approved by UNHCR to recognize the different cases of religious persecution approved in 2004, present certain inequalities.

Regarding the right to asylum, Francisca Pérez-Madrid comments that what must change is the attitude of the receiving state towards the applicant. "It should not be suspicious, but proactive, and there should be equal standards to avoid arbitrariness in the review of the seriousness of the persecution. The important thing is to assess the vulnerability of these people individually and see what situation they are in."

We must remember that human rights do not depend on numbers or quotas, but on the fact that we are all holders of human rights. of this right to freedom, security and, of course, religious freedom.


Social Self-destruction

What will we talk about at this meeting?

More and more countries are passing laws in favor of euthanasia: Spain is the latest of them, becoming the sixth country in the world with a law that promotes the self-destruction of society.

But what does such a law mean for a society? What can we expect from the future after the approval and execution of this type of law? Are there reasons for pessimism and despair? Are we on the road to social self-destruction?

In this CARF reflection meeting we will talk about the social drift that happens after the acceptance of euthanasia as an option to end human life, by the hand of the lawyer Benigno Blanco, former president of the Spanish Family Forum.