Benedict XVI, faith and reason

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What did we talk about in this meeting?

On Thursday, December 14, the Omnes Forum "Benedict XVI. La razón y la fe" with the priest Pablo Blanco, winner of the Ratzinger Prize 2023 in November of this year. The colloquium was moderated by Juan Manuel Burgos, president of the Spanish Association of Personalism.

The spiritual paternity of the priest

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What did we talk about in this meeting?

Meeting of Jacques Philippe with priests organized by the CARF Foundation in the parish of Santísimo Cristo de la Victoria in Madrid on November 24, 2023. Father Philippe, one of today's most widely read authors on spirituality, published in Spain by Rialp Ediciones, preached a meditation on the spiritual paternity of priests.

The integration of ecclesial groups in parish life

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What did we talk about in this meeting?

The development and implementation of movements and new ecclesial realities in the parishes implies a renewal and enrichment of the life of the Church. The acceptance by the parish priests and the commitment of these movements with the community that welcomes them also involves a series of challenges, for both, that must be carried out correctly so that these movements are revitalizers of the community and not "parallel groups". This topic was the focus of the Omnes Forum "The integration of ecclesial groups in parish life" which took place on Wednesday, September 20, at the Ateneo de Teología in Madrid. Antonio Prieto, Bishop of Alcalá de Henares, Eduardo Toraño, National Consiliary of Charismatic Renewal and María Dolores Negrillo, member of the Executive of Cursillos de Cristiandad.

Europe's spiritual crisis

What did we talk about in this meeting?

Joseph Weiler: "We see the consequences of a society full of rights but without personal responsibility".

Joseph Weiler, Ratzinger Theology Prize 2022, was the speaker at the Omnes Forum on "The Spiritual Crisis of Europe", in an overflowing Aula where he shared key points and reflections on current European thought.

Women in the Church. Work, commitment and influence

What do we talk about in this Forum?

"Being Catholic 24/7 is a challenge."

The Omnes-Carf meeting on Women in the Church. Work, commitment and influence counted on the testimony of two women committed in heterogeneous fields who shared their projects and work in favor of other women and the importance of their faith in this commitment.

Pilgrimages to the Holy Land after the pandemic

What did we talk about in this meeting?


Joaquín Paniello: "The Road to Emmaus shows God's love".

Reconstructing the conversation of Jesus with the two pilgrims to Emmaus, tracing his words in the Acts of the Apostles, the Gospels and the Old Testament, could summarize the book Why do you walk sadly? It was written by Joaquín Paniello, a priest living in Jerusalem, and presented at an Omnes Forum on the Holy Land, which was also attended by Piedad Aguilera, from the Pilgrimages Unit of Viajes El Corte Inglés.