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April 2023 | Discover the news of the month Hello: We tell you the highlights of this month of April.

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"The young people in my country are those who make a mess."

Carlos Alberto Bracho is 36 years old, from the diocese of Cabimas (Venezuela) and is studying at the Bidasoa International Seminary thanks to a scholarship from the CARF Foundation. When he told the rector of the seminary in Venezuela about his vocation he was 27 years old and thought: "it is too late to begin this journey". However, for God there is no time, he calls some people earlier and others later. Read their testimony
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It's time for you to live Rome with all your heart and soul

From October 17 to 22 we will go "videre Petrum" to soak up the Church in the heart of Christianity. We will visit the scavi; the Vatican gardens and museums; the Spanish Embassy, Baroque Rome... We will attend the audience with the Pope and a meeting at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross with priests and seminarians. Book now!
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Pastoral Tour: Pablo Santa María Watson, priest from Canada

At an extremely complicated time for the Catholic Church in Canada, where there is a particularly aggressive secularism and the faith is collapsing, there is a need for courageous and well-trained priests who can give a reason for their faith. This is the opinion of Fr. Pablo Santa Maria Watson, current judicial vicar of the Archdiocese of Vancouver and former CARF scholar. Discover its history
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Meeting with Leopoldo Abadía and seminarians in Barcelona

On March 25, the CARF Foundation organized a meeting in Barcelona with two students of the Bidasoa International Seminar, which it supports with scholarships for their training. The event was presented by the writer and lecturer Leopoldo Abadia and was also attended by Alfonso Riobó, director of the digital magazine Omnes. Watch the video
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Find out what has been happening at the Vatican in April with Pope Francis.

We bring you, from Rome Reports, the best summary of what has happened this April at the Vatican and the activities of the Holy Father. Watch video
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The number of seminarians in the West is already below the replacement threshold.

Therefore, it is fundamental that with your prayer🙏 you ask God to send more priests, and with your collaboration you help thousands of seminarians and diocesan priests to be formed in Rome and Pamplona, and in turn form other priests and seminarians when they return to their dioceses. Don't miss any of them!
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